Museum of Flight

We have been discussing the Wright brothers and very basic principles of flight in our science class. So this district sponsored trip to the museum of flight was very timely!

We got to explore the beginnings of passenger flight, military flight and space flight.  The kids also attended some classes taught by museum personnel.  My 5th grader got to build a computerized moon rover designed to pick up rocks. She also learned about drag and dropped parachutes from a balcony. 

The 3rd and 1st graders got to learn about the various parts of an airplane the control roll, pitch and yaw. Then they built their own paper planes and examined the different wing designs of airplanes in the museum.

Here are a few snapshots of our fun day!

This is a model of a space shuttle interior.  The kids are standing in front of a sleeping area where the astronauts zip themselves to the wall for a nap!

On our way to the airpark

This is how we ride in elevators.

Inside the air force one that carried Pres. Kenney the day he was shot.

Her model parachute earned second place with a drag time of 6.88 seconds

These were the coolest paper airplanes. They flew great!

Learning about Roll, Pitch and Yaw

She was 100% convinced that her "messages" were getting through to the pilots on the runway and she was helping them land or take off.  In actuality, we were able to hear live radio feed from 2 nearby radio control towers.  But this little girl was sadly not a part of that. (She'll never know!)