Homeschool Day at the Zoo

We have attended homeschool day at the zoo several times over the years. It's always a fun treat for us.  And it's even more fun to go with friends, of course.

We started at the Education Center to learn about a couple different animals from Africa.  Oddly enough, these two critters were from woodlands and desert climates.  Not really what you think of when you think "Africa".   We learned a lot about the diversity of Africa, it's climates and animal life.

We ventured out to the Savannah where we saw the Zoo's new baby giraffe, his mom and his auntie.

Apparently dad died of illness not long ago.

The fun part was watching the giraffes being herded back into their barn for the day.  Glad we didn't miss seeing them!

There goes baby.  Born at 6 feet tall, he's now about 8 feet.
Hippo Rides.  Two sets of Bffs.

More BFFs

The gorillas were very interactive!  The kids loved being able to get close and share hand pats through the glass.

Learning about raptors, I think. I was too busy handing out snacks to pay attention.
And who can resist a good pile of leaves?  These kids sure can't!

It was a great day at the zoo.  Happy kids.  Tired mom.  Time to go home.