Art Lesson: Spooky Mono-prints

We're using Harmony Fine Arts again this year (third grade) and this week's lesson included a bit about Durer.  We looked at some of his wood carving prints, and then tried our hand at making some prints ourselves.

I loved how simple and fun this project was. And the kids got a lot of satisfaction from the process.  There was a definite learning curve.  Using plenty of ink and pressing firmly on your paper were key to our eventual successes.

We taped wax paper to the table where we spread the ink with a brayer.  We found that the best tools for creating your picture were very sharp pencils (for small detail), the end of a craft stick, or a plastic spoon.  Using an eraser didn't work well for us.

I got our supplies online at Amazon.  The ink is water soluble and easy to clean up. 

Using the brayer to spread the ink

Placing the paper over your image

It's October so we went with a spooky theme.  But obviously you could do what ever you like!
Have fun with this.  We sure did!