Summer Camp Plans

Is anyone else starting to get really excited for summer?  I see signs all over town warning parents that NOW is the time to sign their kids up for preschool next fall, NOW is the time to register for camps, NOW is the time to plan your vacations.

And they're right.  It's time! And I'm ready.  So, I was laying in bed the other night, thinking about what our time and budget would allow for this summer as far as activities for the kids.  Here's what our summer plans usually include:

  • One fun activity day-camp for each child
  • Church camp, for those old enough to attend
  • Swimming lessons for everyone (usually a 2-week commitment)
  • One trip to Grammie and Grampa's house
  • One camping trip
  • One more fun family trip

Other than that, we just lay low and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous summers of the Great Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, I was trying to think about a more budget friendly way of doing camps this summer and my mind stumbled upon an idea that has been tucked away in my brain for a long time. If you've read more than a handful of my posts, you're pretty aware that teaching American history and patriotism to children is pretty important tome.  So I thought, "What about a Constitution Co-op Camp?"  It's still a half-baked idea.  But I was thinking about recruiting four other moms who would want to host one day of camp each.  Our camp would focus on the founding, the Constitution and principles of freedom. 

I think running the camp by myself would burn me out pretty quick, but if I only had to do one day of it, I'd be OK with that. And then I'd still get to send my kids off to another home on the other days while I enjoyed a little down time to get errands and projects done. WHAT?  Get errands and projects done?  I like the sound of that!

Side note:  Isn't it funny how other parents begin to complain when school is let out that now their house is over run by the kids and they can't wait for school to be back in session to regain peace of mind?  For me it's just the opposite! I LOVE when summer hits and we can take a break from school.  That's when I get to sign my kids up for stuff that I don't have to teach and I actually get a break!  Summer?  Bring it ON, baby!  Ok, moving on.

The next day I got up and did a little digging online to see if anyone else had ever had the same idea.  Yes! Someone had the exact same idea! And they've done a great job of packaging it and making it available to others. Check out Patriot Camp by

I think the package is a bit pricey.  Although, split between five moms, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad.  I'm sure there would be other costs involved when gathering and preparing materials for the camp. Anyway, I'm going to put it out to my local community and see what kind of interest I can generate.  
I'll keep you posted!