Story of the World Vol. 2 Chapter 38

Every fourth Tuesday we host friends to review what we've been learning in Story of the World Vol. 2. I call it history club. On the other Tuesdays we study on our own from STOW 2.  Today we did chapter 38 and enjoyed learning about Elizabethan fashion.  Check out our fancy collars and coloring pages.  We had some trouble getting our collars to stick out around the neck.  I think we liked the "stand-up" version better than the "lay-down" version.  We used about 2 feet of butcher paper that was cut lengthwise and then folded it accordion style.

For this "lay-down" version we taped together several of our folded accordions to get more length and then stapled the pleats together at the neck to get a gathered look.  Still didn't really work that great. I think we could have cut the butcher paper in half again to get more of a stiff collar look.
Check the royalty looking down on her subjects.