Graduation Day!

No, we're not done with school for the year. But we hit an important milestone today:  My 5yo Kinderboy finished his K Phonics curriculum today! WAHOOOOOOO!  He's been doing first grade math for most of the year already, so by finishing his K phonics, we now officially consider him a FIRST GRADER!  And he's pretty dang proud of that fact!

So we celebrated with a very, very simple graduation.  I dug out my high school graduation cap and made up a super simple graduation certificate for him.  I found it on pinterest .  We traced his hand instead of printing it.

So, my 7yo, who is learning Suzuki violin and is in book 1, played the songs that she is working on right now while my 5yo walked across the living room to me.  I shook his hand, handed him the certificate (already filled out), and then I moved his tassle to the front.  His favorite part was throwing his cap in the air!  Hugs and applause from the family quickly followed!

We also had his favorite dinner, pizza.  And I tried a new recipe for crock-pot brownies from that new cookbook I just got.  They were de-lish.
Six Sisters' Stuff: Family Recipes, Fun Crafts, and So Much More

My 10yo is pretty proud of the fact that she just finished 5th grade math and is now doing 6th grade math.  So we had a little ceremony for her too.

Hurray for milestones!  What a sweet moment to witness the self satisfaction on my little guy's face for his job well done.
Answers to his certificate questions:
Teacher: My mom
Favorite color: violot
Favorite food: Jamba juice
Favorite Subject: science
Favorite book: Toys Go Out