Giddy UP!

My oldest daughter has been in love with horses for the last 7 years.  Trust my girl to pick one of the most expensive hobbies around!  Unfortunately, we can rarely indulge her interests. For a year we volunteered at a rescue animal barn twice a month. That was fabulous!  We got to learn about and work with horses very closely. And it was entirely free!  Sadly, the barn's finances were a mess and they had to close down.  But if you have a child that is horse crazy, and a budget that is NOT, do look around for some volunteer opportunities in your area.  Rescue barns have low budgets and high needs for volunteers.  See what you can do!

Anyway on birthdays, I try to find some kind of Groupon or local discount on a riding lesson for my little cowgirl. Such was our luck this month!  I found a 50% off coupon at a local barn for an introductory lesson.   then they gave us another half off lesson if we "liked' them on Facebook.  You can see their site here 

I took two of the other kids along, who also have an interest in horses.  They didn't get to ride today, so I kept them busy taking pictures.  So let me introduce you to this post's photographers

 I think their work (below) speaks for itself!

Of course, I knew I was digging myself into a trap here.  I knew she'd come out glowing and begging for more lessons. And...I was right.  But at least for today she got to do something she loves.