Field Trip to Benaroya Hall, Seattle

The kids and I got a rare opportunity to tour Benaroya Hall last week in Seattle.  Going into the city always makes me nervous.  The traffic, the parking, the weird one way streets..bleh.

But we were really looking forward to a chance to go see the Hall, so we braved the way.  We started at Sound Bridge where we got some drumming and rhythm lessons followed by free time to check out some of the instruments on display.

Next we went to the Grand Foyer of the Hall where we gathered for a photo and learned some interesting facts about the construction and engineering of the building.   For example, it's built right on top of the subway line, so there are ginormous rubber pillars underneath to absorb sound and motion.  The walls are super thick, and the hall itself is a separate building within the outer shell of the foyer. They let us walk the second story bridge, and talked to us about the grand Christmas performances they hold out here with the choir on the bridge, the lighting and decorations.  Something to remember for next Christmas!

Unfortunately, there was a rehearsal under way while we were there. So we were not allowed to go in to the performance area! OH we were so very bummed out! That's why we went!  But what can you do?

So, we headed over to Daddy's work and took him out for lunch at his favorite pizza joint.

I love that we are able to take these opportunities to see him during the day.  Not many kids get lunch with their dad on a regular old Wednesday.   I'm glad that mine do. At least now and then.