Better than Recess

This morning we were at the co-op for a Valentine's Day party  and Presentation Day (kids share something about what they've been working on at home over the past six weeks).  The sun decided to make a rare and much appreciated appearance this morning!! So we left early and headed to the park.  It was GLORIOUS to say the least.  Just what we needed to help shake the winter blues.  We were shedding coats, digging in sand and rocks, hurling stones into the ocean and rocking those swings!  I was feeling sorry for the kiddos stuck in a classroom with their noses pressed to the glass, waiting for the hours to pass so they too could enjoy this sparkling day.

Days like this one remind me how lucky I am to hang out with my kids every day, how much I love to see them playing together; how much I savor our time freedom and our flexibilty.

Yep, today's outing at the park was WAY better than any recess.

 Finding the perfect rock.
 Throwing rocks in the water is a sure kid pleaser.
 Ah, basking in the warmth of this February morning.
 Buddy found a friend to hang out with.
 Yeah, it took me a good five minutes to get this shot.  Worth it?   I think so.
 There goes the train
 Brave enough to hold a little crab!!
 Digging for more crabs.   This kept them busy for a good while!
On the way home we were dreaming about summer, wishing for our bathing suits, making travel plans and thoroughly enjoying some rare Seattle winter sun!