Memorial Day 2012

This is a holiday that means a lot to me.  And unfortunately,  it also seems to be a holiday that is largely remembered only for BBQs and beach trips.

It just so happens that a friend recently recommended a fabulous book to me called  Unbroken.

Watch THIS VIDEO about the book.

I'm in the middle of the book right now. It's so compelling I can't stop talking about it, even to my kids.  It's been a fabulous way to help them understand some of the Herculean  sacrifice that our Veteran Heroes have made for us.  It has created an incredible amount of empathy in my eldest, who is 9.

She wants to do something special to remember current war heroes on Memorial Day. We have decided to make a Donation to the USO, which you can do here.

And we also plan to visit a military cemetery to leave flowers on graves.  There will also be a ceremony at our local library that we hope to attend.

How ever you plan to remember our national heroes on Monday the 28th, I recommend that at some point you pick up this book.  It will change you.