Poetry Tea party

This post is a companion to the previous post. As a new fan of the Brave Writer website/blog, I've decided to implement a monthly poetry tea.

The idea of holding a poetry tea inspired me because I've struggled with finding the right way to introduce my kids to poetry. I wanted them to enjoy poetry most of all, without making it feel like a chore.

You can read all about what a poetry tea party is here:http://www.bravewriter.com/bwl/poetry-teatimes/

Our younger participants repeated lines of previously selected poetry that was whispered in their ears, or showed off pictures of a favorite poem that they had produced. My oldest actually decided to play a piano piece instead of reading her original poetry that she had prepared. The family we invited to share the tea time with us shared some wonderful poems as well.

Next time, however, I think I'll try to put more emphasis on the actual poetry part of tea time, and less emphasis on chit chat during the tea. You know how H.S. moms are. They can't stop talking when they get together. GUILTY!! It's so fun to connect with other moms and I think that our conversations actually overshadowed the poetry part of it just a bit. But we had fun, we enjoyed poetry, we saw our friends and we had a great time setting up the fancy affair. So I'm chalking this up as a total first time success!

Give it a try. It's fun! Then let me know how yours went.