Jump Start

Baby #4 (another lovely little girl) will be joining us the week that school officially starts around here. So, I've been tryin go get a jump start on our next school year so that when September comes, I won't feel totally lame for taking some time off with the new baby.

I have to say that this little experiment has really made me consider being a year-round-homeschooler. It was so refreshing to take all of July off. But then as August crept on, I really didn't mind spicing up our slower days with a little schooling here and there. It's been gentle and gradual. If the weather was nice, we played outside. If it wasn't we got more school done. That simple. I like the pace we're at and if we kept it up year round, then there really wouldn't ever be aneed to "cram" or hurry or skip over. We'd just ease our way through all the info as we go through the year. Hm....something to consider.

Anyway, just thought that I'd share some of the stuff we've been working on lately. AFterall, this is something of a photo journal to supplment our portfolio and a great way to log some of our projects.

So here, below, is a model of the Nile River. We're doing Story of the World Book 1. Grass represents crops and it was fun to flood the river to water our crops.

We talked about early writing including Hyrogliphs and Cuneiform. Here are the girls' names written on clay tablets in cuneiform, well one of them.

We're in the process of making a mummified chicken so I'll have pics of that in about 3 weeks.

Here are the models of Cheop's Great Pyramid that we made tonight:

We're LOVING this history program. So fun.

In science, here's our model of a Helium atom: By the way, we are not using K12 online school for science as I had previously planned. We're using Real Science 4 Kids and we've started with the Pre level 1 chemistry. It's fun so far!

For Art, we're doing Great American Artists for kids. I only have 1 pic of the projects we've done so far. We talked about THomas Jefferson's love for arches and architecture. We discussed keystones and then made our own arches with (scented!) playdough.