Off Topic: Self Reliance and the Home Mini Factory

This may or may not fit completely in line with the homeschooling theme of this blog. But if you're a TJed fan, like me, then you'll have already read (or be plannign to read) The Coming ARistocracy by Oliver DeMille. It's a short, power-packed book that will really get you thinking about your current lifestyle and how you can change it to empower your own freedom through self reliance.

In fact, I'm in the second week of an online TJed online Academy class about creating your own Mini Home FActory as a means of promoting freedom through self reliance. I feel like this is the class I've been wanting to take for YEARS but wasn't really sure how or where to get the information. I'm loving this class! It will be offered again in the fall, so if you're interested, let me know and I"ll send you the mentor's email so you can get the details.

Anyway, I'm learning a LOT and I just thought I'd share some of the fun links from our class discussion last night. I won't comment on them very much except to say that No, I am not a hippie. I consider myself to be the ultra opposite of a hippie. I'm a conservative through and through. HOwever, I do believe in freedom from the government through self reliance. And through that paradigm, all of this "tree huggin, land lovin, DIY" stuff really makes a ton of sense to me.'s some links to check out and get you thinking about how dependent or independent you are within your own home, and what that means for your family today and in the future. (YUM. Our mentor shared the recipe for Hearty Oatmeal Soup from this site. Look it up.) Incredible!

AS pointed out in the above clip, there was a time when it was cool, and even politically correct, for everyone to grow their own food at home: Yeah, that's what I'm talkig about!! Most of us don't live in UT, but could find something smiliar closer to home if interested???

Here's what I really came away with last night: Think local, think close to home. Free yourself from imported goods that you could find closer to home or make yourself. Example: where were your shoes made? CHINA? Probably. Here's an alternative source for shoes:
Something to think about!


  1. Could you email me how to contact the mentor? I'm interested in possibly taking a class like this.

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  5. Hey, thanks for the shout out for Chef Tess. Very sweet!


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