Book Review - The 5,000 Year Leap

This is a must read for every US Citizen. Leon Skowsen has provided the world a great service by writing this book. My first thought upon finishing the book was, "How on earth did I make it this far in life wtihout ever having anyone lay out this information for me before?" This ought to be standard reading for every Jr. High kid out there!

Ok, a lot of the information was familiar. None of it was totally foreign, of course. I knew a little bit about every principle in the book. But never had anyone taught me the "whys" and the "hows" of freedom so clearly and simply as did this book.

I could list sevral things I learned from each chapter, and quote at least half the book for you (it was that good!). But I won't. I'll tell you about 3 things that come to mind right now that I've learned.

1. At the very beginning the author clearly defines the various kinds of government our world has experienced through out time, listing their characteristics and effects on the people they govern. I was shocked and sickened at how closely our current administration has aligned itself with the definition of total monarchy, and how close we have come to losing the gift our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us with God's help.

2. I learned why it is in accurate to describe America as a democracy (although we often do) and why we ought to be clear that America is a Republic. Remember the pledge of Allegance? Hopefully they still say it in schools. I know we say ours every day. Well, we say, "and to the republic for which it stands." There's a reason for that.

3. Separation of church and state does NOT mean separation of religion and state. While government is not to endorse any specific religion or show preference for any given faith, it is VERY much the obligation of governemnet to recognize the Creator's hand in all things and abide by the natural laws of heaven. This was huge for me. I finally have a concrete response to those who are all about removing GOd from every public place.

Those are just 3 of the many things I gleaned from this book. Overall, I have an incrased sense of awe and love for the men who sacrificed so much to build our nation and give us teh foundation for freedom. It is now our sacred responsibility to pass this knowledge on, to fight for its preservation, and oppose any effort to destroy these 28 principles of freedom.


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  2. I'd like to use an excerpt from your review to entice people to vote for The 5,000 Year Leap on my book club's websire ( ). If you allow me to use your review, I will link up to your blog about the book.

    As an aside,'s annual literary award gives a monetary donation to the Liberty Scholarship Fund, which provides funding for indigent families in New Hampshire wishing to homeschool their children.


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