Spelling Games and Activities

I am forever looking for new ways to do spelling. The old study-cover-write method sure is boring for all of us.

Here are a few ideas that I have recently gleaned/created and they seem to be working well for us:

1) Use fun foam pre-cut letters to spell your words.
2) Choose a different font for each word and type it out on the computer.
3) Phone spelling: Use a phone keypad to spell out your words in numbers. Example: Hug = 484
4) "Bounce" Spelling: Bounce a ball to each other as you take turns spelling out the words. One letter per bounce (thank you yahoo group for this idea!)
5) spelling bingo: I make up grids and laminate them. Then I can use them for any list. Fill in the grid with current list of words. Then print out a list of the words, cut them out, put them in a can. In another can, put the letters B I N G and O. I like to write them on popsicle sticks. Each player takes a turn pulling out a BINGO letter and a spelling word. The player then calls out (for example) B -Mother. Cover your square if you have it.
6) Use alphabet stamps to stamp out the spelling list.
7)Write the words in a try filled with flour, salt, sand, or cornmeal.
8) Hang Man, of course, is a favorite.

By the time we've done all that, the spelling test is a snap!

Any other ideas? I would love to hear them.


  1. Those are great ideas! Some of them could do well with math...like the times tables...


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