Orchestra Unit

We're continuing on with our orchestra studies.

First we read

And we also did our Stand Up Orchestra, which is a really cute 3d representation of an orchestra. If you'd like me to email you the PDF I will. Just leave a comment here and I'll send it. Here's a pic:

And thank you to the wonderful blogger at http://www.homescho olblogger. com/joyfulschool /
who posted a terrific series of orchestra lap books at this site:

We can't wait to dig into those!

UPDATE on our family book club: The other family that is scheduled for our August book club has settled on Stuart Little .
We've got our copy and we're ready to enjoy another classic.


  1. I would love love love it if you would send me the pdf...I thought I left a comment to that effect a week ago, but I apparently messed it up!


  2. This is great! I would love the pdf of the stand up orchestra. mkhomeschoolmom@aol.com


  3. Say, I found your blog off the workbox group and would love your pdf. Great blog

  4. Angela, I'm not sure how to get a hold of you. If you come back and leave an email I'll be sure to send you the PDF.

  5. Hello,
    I'm music teacher in elementary school. I would be very glad if you can send me the pdf orchestra. Thanks you very much!! Greetings, Mar

  6. That pdf looks awesome! Could you send me a copy of it please?

  7. This is great! I would love the pdf of the stand up orchestra. zeljka.bosnjak8@gmail.com <3


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