Home School for Dummies

So, I guess I could call myself something of a cross between a newbie and a veteran home schooler.

We're approaching the end of our first year of home school. It's been a great ride. But I wanted to share with you my intentions for even starting this blog, especially this late in the school year.

See, as a newbie, I really didn't have any experience to guide me through this process of teaching my children academics. Given that we live in the information age, I naturally turned to the internet for help and was OVERWHELMED at the absolute plethora of resources. Let's just say that homeschool resources and blogs are not in short supply. And I think that's great.

But as I came across all these wonderful blogs, I was both encouraged and discouraged; inspired and bewildered. So much information, so many amazing families, so many cool projects and ideas, so many...so much...so wonderful...SO IMPOSSIBLE! Agh! I felt like I lacked the homeschooling gene that all these incredible super human mothers possessed. I happen to personally know one such mother. She's mother of 5 and runs the most amazing home school you'll ever see.

Anyway, I began to wonder where I would fall in all of this. Would I land on my feet if I leaped into this world of homeschooling? I mean, the kids I see on these blogs are genius, the parents are superb. The home class rooms are works of art and engineering mastermind. I could almost hear choirs of angels singing at me through each post that revealed intelligent, capable, knowledgeable, industrious, kind, giving, and persevering over achievers of every age.

WHAAAAT? For REAL? How do these people have time to be so well rounded and so incredibly talented???

What I needed was a Homeschooling for Dummies resource guide to walk me through it all.

If you can relate to what I'm saying, then you're in the right place I hope. I don't intend to impress or overwhelm with what I'm going to share on this blog. I intend to lay it all out on the line and just tell it like it is: the good days, the not-so-good days, and everything in between. Hopefully it will put things into perspective and make it all seem a little more doable...especially for myself! LOL.