Corn Cob Doll

I was late getting around to this activity but wanted the girls to have this experience anyway. We should have done this back when we were reading Little House in the Big Woods, but oh well.

When I presented the activity I was surprised that my 6yo chose not to be interested. She really didn't have any desire to make a corn cob doll. So I let that be. My 3yo, on the other hand, thought it would be great fun. So we ate our corn for lunch and then we had to let it sit for about 1 week before it felt dry enough to use. I even went so far as to set in in the oven at 200 for a little bit to encourage the drying process.

I let my 3yo paint the cob. Then I helped her glue on a wad of yarn for hair (then I used a staple gun to make sure it was on really good. We glued on some googley eyes and then I helped make a little dress. We wound some pipe cleaners around it for arms and VOILA! Ella the corn cob doll was born, just like Laura's little corn cob doll (sort of).