Two-Week Menu Plans

For many years now I have planned my menus in two-week chunks in an effort to minimize the number of shopping trips I need to make while also cutting costs.  I find that less time at the store means that I spend less on groceries over all.

I have no fancy techniques for doing this.  I go through my cookbooks and write down 14 meals that I feel like making, use that meal list to create a grocery list, post the menu on the fridge, and then cross of the meals as I go through the two weeks.  I never follow the list of meals in order. Lots of elements play into which meal I feel like making: which ingredients need to be used up first, how much time do I have, what is the weather like, who's home for dinner get the idea.

My problem is that I get SO tired of making these two week menus all the time.  Ugh.  I don't like to cook in the first place and shopping is nothing but a chore for me.  I keep telling myself that I will save my menus to cut down on future work loads but I never do.

Until now!  Here's my effort to record some of my 2-week menus and hopefully save myself (and others?) some work in the future.  Hopefully I can remember to keep this updated.

The current menu on the fridge reads:
Cheesy Stuffed Shells
Grilled chicken Kabobs
taco soup
Hawaiian chile
baked sweet and sour chicken
Kalua pork roast
Baked Potato Bar
Grilled Chicken  Bow Tie Pasta Salad
"Units" (this is tuna salad eaten with a piece of cheese atop a Ritz Cracker.  My mom always served this with canned pinapple chunks)
Ham and Bean Soup
Chicken and Fried Rice
Shepherd's Pie
Beef Stroganof 

Previous menus:

Dominican Beans
Sweet potato enchiladas
polenta with rice and beans
pumpkin gnocchi
slow cooker garlic and brown sugar chicken
tortilla rollups
fried rice
oriental chicken salad
southwest salad and cornbread
burgers and fries
thai chicken noodle salad
sweet and sour meatballs
ham and potato casserole
ham and bean soup
cheddar broccoli soup

squash and barley risotto with corn and rolls
chicken kabob salad with peanut sauce
spaghetti and meatballs
lentils with sausage and cabbage
mediteranean couscous with chicken
mexican polenta casserole
quinoa mexican salad
sloppy joes
BBQ chicken calzones
skillet lasagna
Baked Potato bar
baked sweet and sour chicken
slow cooker fajitas

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